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Milk First, Tea First & Milking Your Tea

Nick Of TIme Marketing UK:

I personally prefer to put in milk first, whatever type of cup is used. Interesting article all the same. Thank you EnglishTeaStore.

Originally posted on Tea Blog:

As someone who prefers tea without milk, I consider myself an impartial observer when it comes to that apparently contentious matter of how to actually combine tea and milk.

Milk first, stir - perfect! (screen capture from ETS video)

Milk first, stir – perfect! (screen capture from ETS video)

As a brief aside I’ll note that as I was looking into this matter I came across the phrase “have you milked your tea?” Which dates back to at least 1877. It seems like a term you might use on the farm, but it’s actually just a quaint way of asking if someone has added milk to their tea. Or vice versa.

According to a study that took place about a decade ago, the Royal Society of Chemistry determined that milk first was the way to go. The reason, according to a researcher, “If milk is poured into hot tea, individual drops separate from the bulk of the milk, and come…

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